Joe Halsell

Joe Halsell


In 1999, Joe launched his own branch of Halsell Construction in the Bay Area, but it wasn't long before he joined forces with his folks and his brother James to make Halsell Builders a family affair. As president/CEO, Joe leads the company's dynamic team of construction and design professionals. It means that every day, he's interacting with employees and clients, and that's important for a people person like Joe. As he explains it, being part of something much bigger than just your project is important, and it all starts with people. When Joe's not hard at work for his clients, he's busy with his other full-time job - being a dad.

Most people think they need to add a lot of square footage to achieve what they want in their living space.

But often we find that redesigning a space can make vast improvements in its utility. This can save considerable money and allows the client to spend more on the finishes - the fun part!

At Halsell Builders, here are just a few of the things we can do for your home:

  • We want to help people. We will be honest in our assessment of your needs and the size of your home remodel. You may be better off moving, and we promise to be forthright in our recommendations.
  • We do many bathroom conversions with barrier-free showers (no shower jam or door) for ADA accessibility so seniors can stay in their homes (age-in-place), and for ease of maintenance. Our bathroom conversions never look like they belong in a retirement home setting.
  • Home remodeling is an art. No two of our remodels look alike. We'll create a uniquely beautiful place that you will love living in!