James Halsell

James Halsell

Co-Owner/Vice President

James is one half of the two-brother duo that began Halsell Builders in 2001. He's formally in charge of sales and design, which gives him the opportunity to develop projects that meet a client's needs and budget. But he rarely stops there. James will tell you himself, he loves listening to someone's dream and then figuring out how to overcome the challenge of making it even better than they had imagined. It's what keeps him going - that, and his five daughters (which means five weddings to pay for). Off the clock, you'll find James enjoying wine tastings - especially at the tasting rooms he's designed - and pitching in on Halsell Builders' many volunteer projects in the community.

Most people think they need to add a lot of square footage to achieve what they want in their living space.

But often we find that redesigning a space can make vast improvements in its utility. This can save considerable money and allows the client to spend more on the finishes - the fun part!

At Halsell Builders, here are just a few of the things we can do for your home:

  • We want to help people. We will be honest in our assessment of your needs and the size of your home remodel. You may be better off moving, and we promise to be forthright in our recommendations.
  • We do many bathroom conversions with barrier-free showers (no shower jam or door) for ADA accessibility so seniors can stay in their homes (age-in-place), and for ease of maintenance. Our bathroom conversions never look like they belong in a retirement home setting.
  • Home remodeling is an art. No two of our remodels look alike. We'll create a uniquely beautiful place that you will love living in!