Jason Heyward

Jason Heyward

Senior Project Manager

Jason’s job is to put together the trades and materials it takes to do a job and then put a cost to them. As he rightfully says, “A quality estimate on every project is the first step toward success.” Considering that, you could say he’s the foundation of every great job we do. Jason’s the proud father of three, a regular churchgoer and an avid reader.

You can still find "Made in the USA" on a box of crayons, but not much else is handcrafted in America these days.

Except in construction, which is partly why we were drawn to building in the first place - freshly hewn wood, sawdust, and the whir of a drill. Building something that lasts with your own two hands.It's all about taking the latest building ideas, listening carefully, and matching them up with our expertise and experience.

Our guiding principles for every project:

  • Innovation
  • Craftsmanship
  • Value

The Halsell Difference

In a relatively short time, Halsell Builders has become a prominent name in construction on the Central Coast. There are a fair number of contractors around here, some pretty good ones too. So what's our secret? It starts with great people, and ends with great work.

Education & Training

Gone are the days when even the best contractors could operate out of the back of their pickups. The business is too complex. And you know what? That's not a bad thing - so long as you keep it simple for your customers. Our background is business, finance and technology. This gives us an edge in virtually all phases of construction.

You may not make it to any of the big home construction conventions, but we hope you'll find it reassuring to know that we never miss them. This is important stuff because it's where "new and improved" is first revealed. We bring these ideas back home and hold training seminars with our team and our sub-contractors. Ask us about some of the cool stuff we learned at this year's seminar...it'll give you a sneak peek into how we deliver big ideas that are long on value, too.

Management & Support

There's a whole team of people working behind the scenes. That means we can dedicate staff to focusing on our clients' needs, too. That means architectural designers, estimators, planners, accounting, assistants, and every kind of construction talent, all focused on creating the ultimate project for you. All we can say is, thanks guys!

Client Focus

Not many homebuilders have their own design center, but we find it helps save our clients time and it improves the building experience. Please stop by and see it for yourself. Innovation. Craftsmanship. Value. These aren't just guiding principles. They're the watchwords that have made us a leading builder on the Central Coast.

Our Favorite Color is Green

You hear a lot about green building these days, from sustainability and managed forests to special government certifications. For us, it boils down to something a lot simpler: green building is simply good building. Like designing heating and cooling systems to operate at peak efficiency. Choosing energy-smart windows. Caulking and double-caulking. Insulating walls and piping beyond the industry norm. It's also about being up-to-date on the latest energy-saving technologies so we can implement them where it makes sense for our customers. Think of it as innovation at work in the most traditional way possible. Without a livable planet, our homes and buildings won't do us a lick of good. So we're happy to build in a shade of green we call common sense.

Check Us Out!

We'd love to have the opportunity to help you nail your next project. You can find out more about us here on our website, or if you have the time, stop by our offices. The coffee is always on and the conversation is always friendly. And read on, because this website has more information about what Halsell Builders is doing.