James Halsell

James Halsell

Co-Owner/Vice President

James is one half of the two-brother duo that began Halsell Builders in 2001. He's formally in charge of sales and design, which gives him the opportunity to develop projects that meet a client's needs and budget. But he rarely stops there. James will tell you himself, he loves listening to someone's dream and then figuring out how to overcome the challenge of making it even better than they had imagined. It's what keeps him going - that, and his five daughters! Off the clock, you'll find James enjoying wine tastings - especially at the tasting rooms he's designed - and pitching in on Halsell Builders' many volunteer projects in the community.

The design center at Halsell Builders isn't so much a showroom as it is a place where you can roll up your sleeves and create great things, right alongside our design team.

It's where every single finishing material, from the flooring, hardware and backsplash to the chimney caps, paint and window casings, is considered and selected - decisions that are made through a three-step process.

First, clients are introduced to our designers, where they're encouraged to bring inspiration pieces - photos, pillows, maybe a bit of fabric. This is when our designers get a feel for your particular style. Next, Halsell designers present a complete palette of finishes for your review. The third step is the finalizing stage. And with that, finishing decisions for the entire project are complete.

This working design studio makes things simpler. Instead of scheduling meetings and appointments at the appliance store, the paint store, the cabinet builder and all the rest, we bring these pieces to you. We maintain a large selection of finish materials from vetted vendors and tradespeople, and we're confident not only of pricing, but of availability and reliability. So set your imagination free - because once it comes back home, it has a way of creating something beautiful.