Ron Reblado

Ron Reblado

Project Superintendent

There are many places where projects can derail, and it’s a project superintendent’s job to keep that from happening. That’s where Ron’s multitasking skills and attention to detail come in handy. When he’s not supervising projects, you’ll find Ron spending time with family and volunteering with church activities.

Some projects just don't fit into categories like "winery" or "office." These projects are unique from the start, but we approach them all with the same attention to detail, prudence and creativity.

We put our years of experience as a full-service design and build company to work, and we always start by listening. It's how we create spaces like Far Western Tavern, an amazing local restaurant, Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab, and the Magnolia & Primrose Care Homes. We built and designed them from the ground up to emulate historic area homes, and now seniors with memory loss can live in beauty and tranquility. Currently, we're hard at work on a new bed and breakfast in Old Town Orcutt.

Different projects, with different goals and budgets and timelines. But all handled with the same care from start to finish. If you have a project that doesn't fall into a tidy category, well, we're already listening. You can reach James Halsell directly at (805) 310-8741 or He'd love to hear more.