Kelly Dir

Kelly Dir

Business Manager

It was fate that brought Kelly to our accounting department – fate in the form of an addition and kitchen remodel we did for her friend. When Kelly asked about the experience, her friend shared how impressed she was with our quality, friendliness and professionalism. Kelly thought it would be great to work somewhere like that, and after sending in her resume, that’s exactly what happened.

As much as we enjoy building homes, there's something about creating a space where people can fulfill their passion. That's what we're lucky to do when we work on office projects.

As a commercial construction company with two generations of experience in general contracting, construction management and design building, we're able to work with business owners in whatever capacity they need. From interior and exterior renovations to remodeling, additions and projects built from the ground up, we can be as involved as much or as little as you need.

Our goal is to stay on time and on budget so that every office project ends in a thoughtfully planned space. And maybe a designer touch.

If you have an office project that calls for a bit of creativity, we welcome the opportunity to hear all about your ideas. Contact James Halsell directly at (805) 310-8741 or, and let's see about making those dreams a reality.